Bereavement Relief

One of the severe challenges faced by missionaries and other Christian workers is post bereavement trauma experienced by the family. Apart from the normal grief experienced on such occasions there may also be great perplexity concerning God’s love and plan in their lives. Many times the family is left financially stranded after the death of the bread winner. In the case of missionaries working in cross cultural situations who have been living in remote places far from home it can be difficult to find alternative means of support in the present location or to return to their original home town where they could be strangers. Relocation of children and managing their education can be another challenge.
As brothers and sisters in God’s large family we would like to relieve some of this pressure by extending our arms of comfort and support for the bereaved families on this occasion.
IMPACT and SMILE schemes provide for members to contribute Rs.10/ to Rs.20 per month towards providing a relief of Rs.1,10,000/- to the bereaved family.( IMPACT caters to the unmet needs of cross-cultural missionaries and SMILE caters to the pastors and Christian workers in hospitals/schools supporting evangelism) Bereavement support scheme: Support scheme is managed with donations received from Friends of MUT.


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I was NOT able to forgive anyone, but now I have found the joy of forgiving and henceforth I will practice forgiving others.
Participant- Inner Healing, Feb 2012
I have learned to show affection and appreciation and to appreciate the positive things of life my partner
Particpant- Marriage Enrichment Programe, Feb 2012