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Caring for Missionary Children


  To Nurture, Mentor, Support and Empower Mkids to be Witnesses of Christ  

Like every other child in the world, missionary children desire to be in the presence of their parents, pampered by them and enjoy personal parental care.

But the call of the intercultural missionaries demands that the children get separated at a very early age from their parents mainly due to educational needs.

The reasons are interior mission fields in challenging terrains, the variety of less known unscripted Indian languages, little medical facility and differing cultural backgrounds.

MKids therefore face challenges of a different kind. It is at this point MUT intervenes and meets some of their unmet needs

Care for Children in Santhosha Vidyalaya, Dohnavur, Tamilnadu one of the very few Residential Schools for Missionary Children?
  • ☀ Personal visit by MUT Volunteers in Thirunelveli on every 2nd Saturday, i.e, Visitors’ Day & providing snacks to about 100 to 150 children who do not get visitors.
  • ☀ Facilitate Transport assistance for missionaries and their children from Thirunelveli Railway Stations to SV school in Dohnavur on all Reopening and Closing days
  • ☀ Sponsoring picnics to students who stay back in the hostel during holidays.
  • ☀ Arranging special trips for Senior students who write public examinations and for whom it is compulsory to be at school during Christmas holidays for coaching purposes
College going Missionary Children
  • ☀ Retreats are conducted in regional languages, viz. Hindi, Telugu, Tamil and Odiya in their respective regions during the holidays in October.
  • ☀ Subsequently, MUT volunteers follow up with the mkids and mentor and guide them.
  • ☀ These programs are usually sponsored.
  • ☀ Financial assistance is provided to Missionary Children for pursuing higher education. On completion of their studies and getting employed, they pay back the money in easy monthly installment. This is a gesture of gratitude from those who were blessed and would be a blessing to other Mkids. Around 120 Children are benefited by this Scheme every year.
MUT needs Volunteers in the following areas:n
  • ☀ Mission minded Christian leaders / professionals / housewives who can speak North Indian languages for guiding and mentoring Missionary children of North India.
  • ☀ Christian entrepreneurs / business men / professionals who can help the missionary children in their first job placement
  • ☀ Christian professionals who can assess and evaluate school going missionary children’s aptitude and passion and guide them in choosing the right career oriented courses
  •   If you are interested please contact us at  
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