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Missionaries, particularly those in cross cultural ministry are experiencing severe difficulties. Most of the places they serve do not have good schools for educating their children.

If they admit their children in schools like Santhoshalaya, the school for MKs (Missionary Kids) in Donavoor down south, some of the missionaries who are far away, are unable to get together with them more than once a year. Both children and parents miss each other. While the children get good education, the relationship suffers. Some children are not only angry with their missionary parents but also against God for separating them. The 'home schooling' which is so popular in the western countries has not taken off in this country. Even after several years of its introduction, not many missionaries are unable to home school their children. Many of the mothers are not that educated to coach their children. Also, not many schools are willing to take those children after they finish 4th standard (4th Grade) in home school. Some find it difficult to give much of attention to this aspect of their child's growth, because of the nature of their work, having to travel to distance places very often.

Also the cost of education is becoming unmanageable. Several missions do not have any provision for children education. Many suffer because of it. There are several bright MKs who are not able to pursue professional education of their choice and liking (though they get the seats by merit) because of the inability of the missionary parents to educate them. Such things are the causes of depression for some of the missionaries. The uncertainty and the resulting thoughts and concerns make them inefficient in their work.

What is the solution?

Setting up hostels in different cities in the country where good schools are available, to keep the children of the missionaries closer to the parents (no more than a night's journey away), provide them excellent physical, emotional and spiritual care so that the children of missionaries do not miss anything because of their parents sacrifices?

  • ☀ Equip and enable the existing MKids schools to give best care so that the children of missionaries will be able to understand the decisions of their parents
  • ☀ Set up more Christian schools and also provide hostel facilities in the existing Christian schools for Mkids so that this problems could be managed to a large extent
  • ☀ Setting up some endowment to meet the education needs of those bright children of missionaries who wish to study but are unable to because of the inability of the missionary parents
  • ☀ By networking the Churches, Missions, Affluent Christians, NRIs, Mission Schools, bring down the cost of education. Also, enhance the quality and standard of education in these schools
  • ☀ By organizing consultations among the committed, concerned and burdened people to brainstorm to discern the will of God and come out with action plans

God’s faithfulness for the past years has been very evident. As every year passes by we see the hand of the Lord providing the needed funds. The store house of the Lord is always full with provisions to meet the unmet needs of his children.

Purpose: To provide support to the children of Missionaries in their pursuit of higher studies

Eligibility: Dependent children of Missionaries who are not otherwise employed

Higher Education Covered: Any Degree / Diploma Course beyond 12th standard

Assistance: Up to 100% of college fees, less grant provided to a maximum of Rs. 15,000/- per student / academic year on returnable loan basis


  • ☀ Child’s performance & merits
  • ☀ Parents capacity & capability to support
  • ☀ Missions policy and ability to support
For more information contact:

Dr. Lancelot Paul

Tel: +91-(80) 28444 905


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