It has been created with the aim of meeting the Unmet needs of the Missionaries, who work in remote areas, during the time of a Crisis. An administrative committee with equal representation from Mission Organization & MUT guides the operation of the Scheme.

GS Fund Support Scheme

If the crisis situation requires more support or if the crisis is not eligible for support under GS Fund then the missionaries are supported through the support scheme. The scheme is funded from earmarked and regular donations received from the Friends of MUT.
The following type of assistance to missionaries during the crisis situations are considered:
Travel expenses to missionaries to visit their parents who are serious/terminally sick
Travel expenses to missionary children to attend the funeral of their parents
Travel expenses to missionary children to visit their parents who are serious/terminally sick
Funeral expenses of dependent parents of missionaries and of dependent children of missionaries
Reimbursement of hospitalization expenses of dependent parents for major illness like Heart attack, Cancer, Kidney failure, Stoke, or any other Terminal illness
Compensation for loss of property due to natural calamities(Fire, Earthquake, Flood, Land slide)
Marriage gift for missionaries
Marriage gift for missionary’s children
Missionary’s first and second daughter’s first delivery expenses

For more Information contact:

Mr. D. Joseph Sudhaker
+91 9443 370 422 | +91 9843 720 303 |


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