Health Care

Love Your Brother (LYB) scheme.

Missionaries often work in remote or under developed areas without good medical facilities, and face many hardships. Major illnesses, accidents, long term or lifelong treatments affect them physically, financially, emotionally & spiritually. It is a common unmet need. To address this need & to encourage the missionaries to help their fellow brothers in distress, MUT has initiated the Love Your Brother (LYB) scheme.

How it works

Each member missionary contributes Rs.55/- per month through the mission to join this scheme. Assistance is provided by reimbursement of medical expenses (sometimes given in advance depending upon the seriousness) up to Rs.60, 000/- for serious illness and accidents.

LYB Support Scheme

The cost of treatment for major illness and other surgeries is ever increasing & is beyond the means of missionaries and Christian workers. The interest from the MUT corpus fund set up for this purpose and the earmarked & regular donations received from Friends of MUT adds to the ‘LYB Support Scheme Fund’ & is a great source of encouragement to the affected family.

Master Health Check-up

This is arranged periodically at subsidized rates which would go a long way in identifying hidden problems and preventing serious complications. 23 Mission Hospitals all over India have agreed to do this for Rs.600/- per member. MUT grants Rs.600/-.


MARM: Medical Assistance to Senior (Retired) Missionaries is being provided members as per LYB Scheme and also an assistance of Rs.2000/- per year.

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For more Information contact:

Mr. John Daniel,
Associate Coordinator, Health Schemes
Tel: +91-9500 989408


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I have learned to show affection and appreciation and to appreciate the positive things of life my partner
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