IMPACT (Inter Mission Plan of Assurance during Calamity Times) is one of the schemes of 'MUT Schemes' looking after the welfare of the bereaved family of deceased member-missionaries. The bereaved family is paid Rs. 10000/- towards immediate expenses from Donors Support Scheme. A death relief amount of Rs.125000/- is paid through contributions from member-missionaries through MUT Scheme. The bereaved families are encouraged twice in a year through child Support assistance (Rs. 1200/- per dependent child) during every June and a Christmas gift of Rs. 1200/- to 2200/- per family during every December. Children in bereaved families are given a advance of Rs.15000/- per year for higher education and special retreats for bereaved families are conducted. Except death relief payment all other expenses are met through Donor Support Scheme.
An administrative Committee with equal representation from Mission organizations & MUT guides the operation of the Scheme. Different Missions serving the Lord in spreading the Good News in our country, big & small (ranging from a strength of 2 to 2000 members), including special Ministries in Bible Translation, Medical, Children, Youth, Students, Tribal, Slum, Sex workers, Cassette, Radio, Blind, are members of this project. There are three distinct entities to this scheme: fellow missionaries, mission minded donors in the Church and Bereaved missionary families, form a grand alliance.

This scheme

encourages mutual concern, oneness in spirit, self help & prayer support among Missionaries.
instills in the Church, a spirit of caring & praying for Missionary families.
provides Calamity Relief & sustained support to the Bereaved Family
About 150 Missions with a combined strength of 14612 as on 30/09/2017 Missionaries have joined this Fellowship. About 60 families provide a total gift of Rs. 15000/-per month on average to uphold the bereaved missionary families. Member Missionaries & the Caregivers from the Church support the bereaved families through prayer & comforting letter/email correspondence. Regular monthly special prayer meetings are also held in various places. Since the inception of this project in 1997, 452 member Missionaries as on 30/09/2017 have gone Home, leaving their dear ones under the care of this Scheme.

For more Information contact:

Mr. A.S. Chellappa or Mr.N. Ben Augustus or Mr.J. Samuel Jebakumar

Administrative Committee

Coordinator: Mr. A. S. Chellappa
Secretary: Mr. N. Ben Augustus
Asst. Coordinator: Mr. Christudoss


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