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Empathetic, sacrificial, prayerful, ‘second- mile’ service, filled with God’s holiness, integrity and values of Christ, with 'one-family spirit' with ‘sacrificial, graceful & unconditional’ giving attitude.


  1. ☰ A believer with born again experience
  2. ☰ Teachability with willingness to grow in Christian maturity
  3. ☰ With a definite call to serve in the care-giving ministry
  4. ☰ Believer in servant leadership

Identifying New Leaders

  • ☰ The present office-bearer has the primary responsibility to suggest the next person to take over from him/her
  • ☰ Every leader must be given a specified term to serve, understand the ministry & people
  • ☰ It will also give time for the present leaders to make sure that the person is the God’s choice


The board is made up of 12 members and each member could serve only two consecutive terms of two years each. Every year, 3 members step down to make way for new members. New members are nominated to the board by the existing members of the board, the only criteria to be nominated as a member is that they should have served MUT in some capacity or other for the previous two years.

Board of Trustees 2021

Mr. Rajasekeran

Mr. A. C. R. Ruben

Mr. Paul Richard

Mr. J. S. Anbu

Dr. Anish Jacob

Mr. C. A. Manivarman

Rev. David Prem Kumar

Dr. Richard Samuel

Mr. Joseph Lamuel

Mrs. Pushpa Wagmare

Dr. Dickson Paul

Dr. Newton

Ex. Officio Members

Mr. John Daniel

Mr. V. D. S. Chandrasekar

Mr. Samuel Jebakumar

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