Our Care giver

Empathetic, sacrificial, prayerful, ‘second- mile’ service, filled with God’s holiness, integrity and values of Christ, with 'one-family spirit' with ‘sacrificial, graceful & unconditional’ giving attitude’

Our leader

A believer with Born again experience.
Teachability with willingness to grow in Christian maturity.
With a definite call to serve in the care-giving ministry.
Believer in Servant leadership.

Identifying New Leaders

The present office-bearer has the primary responsibility to suggest the next person to take over from him/her.
Every leader must be given a specified term to serve, understand the ministry & people.
It will also give time for the present leaders to make sure that the person is the God’s choice.

The board is made up of 12 members and each member could serve only two consecutive terms of two years each. Every year, 3 members step down to make way for new members. New members are nominated to the board by the existing members of the board, the only criteria to be nominated as a member is that they should have served MUT in some capacity or other for the previous two years.

Board of Trustees 2014-2015

Mr. J. J. Ratnakumar- President
Rev. Dr. Isac Soundararaj*- General Secretary
Mr. V. D. S. Chandreshekar*- Assoc. Gen. Secretary
Mr. Samuel Jebakumar - Treasurer
Mr. Alex Isaac
Mrs. Deepa Jebakumar
Dr. J. P. Lancelot
Mrs. Juno Sudhakaran

* Ex-officio

Dr. Joseph Nellimalai
Mr. Periasamy
Mrs. Ida Premkumar
Rev. Edwin Ponniah
Rev. Wati Longkumer

MUT has several projects on the go at any given time and the Board identifies Project Coordinators for every project to oversee, operate and report to the board through the General Coordinator who serves as the link between the board and the Project Coordinators.

Mr. Jeyaraj Moses,
Coordinator – MK Assistance Committee.
Email: mkwelfare@mutindia.org

Mr. A.S.Chellappa, Coordinator.
Mr. Ben Augustus, Secretary,
Email: secretary.impact@mutindia.org

AP-341, New No:30, 29tn Street,
Kambar Colony, Anna Nagar West
Chennai 600040, India.
Email impact@mutindia.org

Mr. Malcolm Rajan, Coordinator.
Mr. Victor Arputharaj, Secretary
Email secretary.smile@mutindia.org

C/o Hope Ministries,
#865 Kammanahalli Main Road,
Bangalore 560033, India
Tel +91-80-25472738/65592777
Email smile@mutindia.org

GS Fund
Mr. Sudhakar,
Mr. V. D. S. Chandrasekhar,
Email. gsfund@mutindia.org

Mr. John Daniel
Medical Coordinator
Tel +91-416-2267210
Email coordinator.health@gmail.com

Mrs. Ananda Chandran
Health Secretary
Tel +91-416-2252976

Friends of MUT (FOM)
Mrs. Shanthi Ratnakumar, Coordinator

Personal Development Program (PDP)
Mr. J. J. Ratnakumar

Rest House
Mr. John Daniel, Coordinator

MARM/Post Retirement Care
Mrs.Juno Sudhakar, Coordinator.

Home Stay Mr. Ronald Devapalan, Coordinator.
Email: missionaryvacationmut@gmail.com

MUT area representatives have been established in different parts of the country as well as abroad. They play an important role in making first contacts, disseminate information regarding various projects of MUT and direct enquiries to appropriate project coordinators. The regional representatives are functioning in the following places. If you wish to be in touch with them, please write to us and we will have the area representative contact you. For overseas representatives, you may email them directly.

Area Representative- India

Arakonam | Mr. Joseph
Bangalore | Mr. Jackson Abraham / Mr. Rajan Abraham / Dr. JP Lancelot / Mr. Victor
Chennai | Dr. Anand Samuel / Mr. Alex Soundararaja / Mr. A.S Chellappa / Mr. D Rajkumar Davidson / Mr. C P Solomon / Mr. Richard / Mrs. Roseline Arputharaj
Delhi | Dr. V.K Williams / Mr. G Chidambaram / Mr. K. Anbalagan / Dr. P Dickson
Hosur | Mr. Ruben
Hyderabad | Dr. Spurgeon Anandaraj
Madurai | Mr. D J Chelladurai / Mr. D G P Dharmaraj / Mr. Balasingh / Mr. Periasami / Mr. C Mohan / Mrs. Ebenezer
Mumbai | Mr. Kirubaharan
Nagercoil | Mr. John Ranjan / Mr. Isaac Manohar
Nagpur | Rev. Dr. D.B. Kulothungan / Mrs. Pushpa Waghmare
Nazareth | Dr. Daniel Sundararajan / Mrs. Megala Daniel / Mrs. Kalaiarasi

Neyveli | Mr. Jebakumar Solom / Mr. E Samuel / Mr. Manivarman / Mr. Royappan
Oddanchatram | Mr. Jacob Thomas / Dr. Joseph Nellimalai / Mr. Paul Pandian / Mr. Jeyaraj Moses / Dr. Latha Paul / Dr. Abraham Kurian
Pondicherry | Mr. Joseph Neil / Mr. Sam Paul / Mr. Selvakumar
Ranipet | Dr. Anbu Suresh / Rev. Walter Sundersingh
Tanjore | Mr. Williams / Mr Victor / Mrs. Sumathy / Mr. J. Suresh
Tirunelveli | Mrs. Selvi Godwin / Dr. Selvakumar
Trichy | Mr. R.S Baliah / Mr.C Balasingh / Mr.Varam Viji
Tuticorin | Mrs. Beulah Augustine
Vellore | Mrs. Ananda Chandran / Dr. R E Dhanaraj / Dr. Chandrasingh / Dr. Sudhakar Chandran

Country Representative

Mr. Julius David // julius_david@excite.com | Mr. Naveen & Mrs. Surya // chryso_surya@yahoo.com | Mr. Sam Nelson // samsnelson@yahoo.com | Mr. Sam Victor // Samvictor@gmail.com
Dr. Mrs. Chellam Kirubakaran // chellamk@yahoo.co.uk | Mr. Santhosh // santhosarajan@gmail.com
Mr. Thomas Julius // kirusthu@yahoo.com
Dr. Mrs. Kalyani Premkumar // Kalyani.premkumar@usask.ca

UAE- Abudhabi
Mr. G. Rajkumar // jansi@emirates.net.ae
UAE- Dubai
Mr. Jernaus Brittto // mutdubai@yahoo.com | Mr. Manuel Kadakshamani // manuel.kadakshamani@swiss.com | Mr. Alex Isac // alex_isac@yahoo.com
UAE- Fijirah
Mr. Daniel Godwin // daniel.godwin@vopak.com

Several people in India and abroad have committed to be a 'Friend of MUT'. A person may become a FOM (Friend of MUT) by paying annual membership or Life membership. Your membership enquiries may be directed to Mrs. Shanthi Ratnakumar.
FOM is a person who is committed to the goals of MUT and would like to support the growth of MUT and also support the various projects of MUT.
MUT has made it very easy for friends to pay membership and send donations.
Indian friends from inside/outside the country can transfer directly into the bank account that MUT has with ICICI bankers, without incurring any bank charges. For further information, contact the treasurer Mr. D. Kanagaraj.
Foreign friends of MUT (Passport holders of other countries) interested in involving in the member care ministry may send their cheques or drafts in favour of Missionary Upholders Trust along with a letter mentioning the purpose for which the ear marked amount is donated. MUT has the required permission from the Indian Government to receive donations from abroad to fulfill its objectives. For more information contact the General Coordinator, Mr. J. J. Ratnakumar.
Friends of MUT in the USA or Canada may route their membership and donations to projects through the following agencies and where applicable, may receive receipts towards tax purposes.
Clearly indicate on your check that the donation is towards 'Missionary Upholders Trust, India and also if it is a donation towards a particular project or membership dues.


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I was NOT able to forgive anyone, but now I have found the joy of forgiving and henceforth I will practice forgiving others.
Participant- Inner Healing, Feb 2012
I have learned to show affection and appreciation and to appreciate the positive things of life my partner
Particpant- Marriage Enrichment Programe, Feb 2012