Friends of MUT

Several people in India and abroad have committed to be a 'Friend of MUT'. A person may become a FOM (Friend of MUT) by paying annual membership or Life membership. Your membership enquiries may be directed to Mrs. Shanthi Ratnakumar.

FOM is a person who is committed to the goals of MUT and would like to support the growth of MUT and also support the various projects of MUT. MUT has made it very easy for friends to pay membership and send donations.

Indian friends from inside/outside the country can transfer directly into the bank account that MUT has with ICICI bankers, without incurring any bank charges. For further information, contact the treasurer Mr. Samuel Jebakumar.

Foreign friends of MUT (Passport holders of other countries) interested in involving in the member care ministry may send their cheques or drafts in favour of Missionary Upholders Trust along with a letter mentioning the purpose for which the ear marked amount is donated. MUT has the required permission from the Indian Government to receive donations from abroad to fulfill its objectives. For more information contact the General Coordinator, Mr. John Daniel.

Friends of MUT in the USA or Canada may route their membership and donations to projects through the following agencies and where applicable, may receive receipts towards tax purposes. Clearly indicate on your check that the donation is towards 'Missionary Upholders Trust, India and also if it is a donation towards a particular project or membership dues.