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‘Rest House truly is a home away from home‘. When a missionary thinks of taking a break the 1st thing that comes to their mind is whether MUT has a Rest House in that place. Rest Houses are answers to the prayers of many missionaries, ‘where can I stay during treatment or for recuperation’? It is a place of comfort for those on long term treatment or on vacation. The existence of MUT Rest Houses is to create a serene ambience for missionaries who come with physical, emotional and spiritual challenges in their lives.

Caregivers and volunteers give their best to be sensitive to the emotional need of the missionary when they are caught unawares hearing the news of sickness. The counsel and prayer support help the missionaries to overcome their crisis, march forward and move on with confidence. Journeying along with them in their pain and financial constraints is the key to member care in the Rest House ministry.


Missionary Upholders Trust,

G-434 Civil Supplies Godown Street,

Kamalatchipuram, Vellore- 632 002,

Tamil Nadu, India.

Phone Number: +91 416 2260 368



Missionary Upholders Trust,

New No. 30, Old No. AP- 341,

I Block, 29th Street,

Kambhar Colony, Chennai- 600040,

Tamil Nadu, India.

Phone Number: +91 44 2957 0907, +91 9994 985 726


Odanchatram (ODC)

Missionary Upholders Trust,

M 36/18, Nambikkai Nagar,

Odanchatram- 624 619,

Tamil Nadu, India.

Phone Number: +91 9443 265 187, +91 9600 989 251



Contact: Rev. Edwin Ponniah

Phone Number: +91 98200 068 283



Contact: Mr. Rajasekaran

Phone Number: +91 9486 420 065


Contact: Mr. Joseph Neil

Phone Number: +91 9486 535 887

Contact: Mr. Sam Paul

Phone Number: +91 9489 229 540


Contact: Mr. Malcolm Rajan

Phone Number: +91 9845 718 731

  • ☰ to help members spend their vacation with their family members
  • ☰ to rest, reflect and repose
  • ☰ for medical treatment
  • ☰ for transit