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MARM – Medical Assistance to Retired Missionaries was started as a by product of the Love your Brother Scheme in April 2001, to encourage the member missionaries who were contributing sacrificially towards the medical crisis of their fellow missionaries. "Starting with Rs. 1,000/-p.a, it was increased to Rs. 4,000/- p.a. for the last financial year. At present Rs. 2,000/-,per annum, is available to all retired member missionaries. Rs. 5,000/- is available to non - LYB member missionaries for their hospitalisation. All the retired LYB members are given medical assistance under the MUT Medical scheme, as any other serving missionary. The basis is "Once a missionary, Always a missionary".

The retired member missionaries should send their medical claims through their missions


If the crisis situation requires more support or if the crisis is not eligible for support under GS Fund then the missionaries are supported through the support scheme. The scheme is funded from earmarked and regular donations received from the Friends of MUT.

The following type of assistance to missionaries during the crisis situations are considered:

  • ☰ Master Health Check up (MHC) is also being done for retired missionaries and the cost of Rs.600/- is being borne by MUT.
  • ☰ Rest Houses :Retired missionaries can avail the rest house facilities @ Vellore and Oddanchatram for their medical treatment purposes.
  • ☰ An annual retreat is being organized at Oddanchatram to encourage & refresh the retired missionaries.
  • ☰ Trainings : Retired missionaries are trained to write Biographies / autobiographies by Dr. J. Chellappa, Trichy. They are also trained to be Counsellors. Food & Stay is sponsored.

 SHELTER:  Retired missionaries’ shelter is available; those missionaries who need a living place can contact Mrs. Juno Sudhaker

For more information contact:

 Mrs. Juno Sudhaker 

Tel: +91 9600 989 241

Email: |

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