Faith Statement

“God’s work, done by God’s people, in God’s way with God’s money will never lack God’s blessings”.

Value Statement

“We commit ourselves as one family to strive hard and carry out our mission with prayers and all God-given resources sacrificially in a spirit of love, faith and hope maintaining our holiness and integrity in all areas of our life and ministry, crossing all man-made boundaries.”

Mission Statement

“We, as followers of Christ unite to meet some of the common unmet needs in the physical, emotional and spiritual life of a missionary or a Christian worker, at a cost affordable to them, to equip, energise, empower and motivate them to be witnesses for Christ at all times and to raise disciples in the churches they plant.”

Purpose Statement

Our aim is to equip people in God’s ministry, to assist them physically, mentally and spiritually, so that they carry on the battle against the forces of darkness with power, strength and vigor. The intention is to meet the ‘felt needs of the concerned’ and not 'as perceived by people around'.
The programs of MUT will be aimed to create opportunities, to missionary supporters as well for missionaries themselves to assist those co-workers in distress and need Ministry shall be carried out by faith that He is the Author and Finisher of this ministry and we serve with a grateful heart for choosing us to be the Caregivers and entrusting us with these great responsibilities
Be aware that every one involved in missions are motivated towards building ‘one and the same kingdom’ and so efforts of every one must be to join hands, where ever possible, to enhance synergy and achieve great things in the area of care-giving.
Efforts are made to create openings for voluntary work among supporters, encourage sacrificial-giving and to find ways and means to meet all administrative and promotional expenses by raising sponsorship

While Voluntary services are primarily encouraged, paid services in MUT will be respected equally. The working status will be one and the same.
The power & authority will be commanded through servant leadership only.
Integrity will be explicit in all our dealings.
Respect for the culture of others will always be maintained by being sensitive to others likes and dislikes.
Decisions will be made through consensus and not by majority opinion.
Ear-marked donations will be spent only for the purposes to which given.

Integrity must be explicit in all our financial dealings.
Receipts and bills from buyers and sellers must be obtained and attached when settling the accounts.
Settlement of accounts must be done with in three days of completion of the particular activity/or as per the laid down policy.
Advance may be taken for a budgeted/approved activity and the statement of accounts with due supporting receipts and bills to be submitted with in the time prescribed.
When having business, there must not be any other personal dealings with that particular source at that time.
Never receive complimentary items from a person while having business dealings on behalf of MUT.
Never do any business of MUT on credit.
Obtain always approval before any expenditure made on behalf of MUT.
When in doubt regarding any procedure, check with leaders/Coordinators.
Bribe giving or receiving should not be practiced in any of MUT dealings.
Every one in MUT must have accountability to someone else in MUT.

Need based remuneration is practiced where MUT support is expected.
Same scale of pay with allowances based on personal/family needs. Allowances to carry out role responsibilities will also be considered
Financial support required for those in MUT should be met by the sacrificial giving of the co-leaders in MUT.

Organisers must be Mission minded, bible-believing Christians.
Activities must be pleasing to the Lord.
Activities must be of encouragement to Christian beliefs and values and never be a stumbling block/hindrance to anyone. Every activity must have some spiritual inputs.
Clearance may be obtained on broad outline/activities from senior leaders of MUF/MUT.
Overhead expenses must be kept to the bare minimum.
Sponsorship must be raised to meet overhead expenses.
Good stewardship must be ensured in all activities.
All glory must go to Jesus Christ only.


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I was NOT able to forgive anyone, but now I have found the joy of forgiving and henceforth I will practice forgiving others.
Participant- Inner Healing, Feb 2012
I have learned to show affection and appreciation and to appreciate the positive things of life my partner
Particpant- Marriage Enrichment Programe, Feb 2012