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Missionary Upholders Trust (MUT) was formed in the year 1993 as an off shoot from Missionary Upholders Family (MUF).

The Missionary Upholder Family members associated with exceeding concern with missionaries that helped gain deeper understanding of the difficulties confronted by the missionaries - emotional and physical. Though some of the needs were met by the organizations they represent, there were still many needs that were unmet during times of need. This impelled the birth of Missionary Upholders Trust.

The initial focus was on providing Calamity Relief to bereaved missionary families (IMPACT), Rest Houses and Medical Help.

Additional projects such as: Master health check up (MHC), Love Your Brother (LYB), Scheme for Missions Linked to Evangelism (SMILE), Crisis Relief Support Scheme (Good Samaritan Fund), Missionary Kids Care (Assistance for Higher Education, Career guidance, counseling) and Retired Missionary Welfare (Shelter, Retreat and MARM) and Personal Development Program for missionaries and spouses have been included (Training).

MUT is an umbrella body with 211 member mission covering about 21,000 members. It is mostly managed by volunteers, which helps in keeping the operation and administrative expenses low.


As followers of Christ, we exists to care for, share with, and meet some of the common unmet needs of missionaries, at their affordable cost, working beyond all man-made boundaries, in a spirit of Christian love.


Missionary Upholders Trust will strive for meeting some of the common unmet needs of missionaries in the area of health care, bereavment care, crisis care, renewal of emotional and spiritual life, rest and recuperation, social spiritual enhancement of missionary/pastor children and retired missionaries` care. The purpose of carrying out these activities are to equip, energize and encourage the missionary community to be a witness as salt and light of the society at all times.



“God’s work, done by God’s people, in God’s way with God’s money will never lack God’s blessings”.


Love, Understand, Pray, Accept, Serve and Encourage in the spirit of Lord Jesus Christ and meet the physical, spiritual and emotional needs of all the members in the team; this will fulfill God given purpose for self, family and the ministry in MUT"


Pray for missionaries, stand in the gap and intercede.

Our Values

  • ☰   Absolute faith in God’s divine power
  • ☰   Humility
  • ☰   To be carried out with regular and focused prayer
  • ☰   Unconditional love/compassion/service (No rule is above God’s grace)
  • ☰   Accountability in all areas and at all levels (personal life and in ministry)
  • ☰   Transparency must be encouraged and ensured in all the areas of the ministry
  • ☰   Holiness and integrity will be topmost priority in life and activities.

Care & Serve

Care & Serve

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