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☰ Organisers must be Mission minded, bible-believing Christians.

☰ Activities must be pleasing to the Lord.

☰ Activities must be of encouragement to Christian beliefs and values and never be a stumbling block/hindrance to anyone. Every activity must have some spiritual inputs.

☰ Clearance may be obtained on broad outline/activities from senior leaders of MUF/MUT.

☰ Overhead expenses must be kept to the bare minimum.

☰ Sponsorship must be raised to meet overhead expenses.

☰ Good stewardship must be ensured in all activities.

☰ All glory must go to Jesus Christ only.


☰ Need based remuneration is practiced where MUT support is expected.

☰ Same scale of pay with allowances based on personal/family needs. Allowances to carry out role responsibilities will also be considered

☰ Financial support required for those in MUT should be met by the sacrificial giving of the co-leaders in MUT.


☰ Integrity must be explicit in all our financial dealings.

☰ Receipts and bills from buyers and sellers must be obtained and attached when settling the accounts.

☰ Settlement of accounts must be done with in three days of completion of the particular activity/or as per the laid down policy.

☰ Advance may be taken for a budgeted/approved activity and the statement of accounts with due supporting receipts and bills to be submitted with in the time prescribed.

☰ When having business, there must not be any other personal dealings with that particular source at that time.

☰ Never receive complimentary items from a person while having business dealings on behalf of MUT.

☰ Never do any business of MUT on credit.

☰ Obtain always approval before any expenditure made on behalf of MUT.

☰ When in doubt regarding any procedure, check with leaders/Coordinators.

☰ Bribe giving or receiving should not be practiced in any of MUT dealings.

☰ Every one in MUT must have accountability to someone else in MUT.


☰ While Voluntary services are primarily encouraged, paid services in MUT will be respected equally. The working status will be one and the same.

☰ The power & authority will be commanded through servant leadership only.

☰ Integrity will be explicit in all our dealings.

☰ Respect for the culture of others will always be maintained by being sensitive to others likes and dislikes.

☰ Decisions will be made through consensus and not by majority opinion.

☰ Ear-marked donations will be spent only for the purposes to which given.