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Scheme for Missions Linked to Evangelism

While responding to the needs of the missionaries, MUT has become aware of the similar needs of thousands of Christian workers who do not strictly come under the category of missionaries. The vision of SMILE was born out of that concern and it covers Christian workers in missions / churches / institutions / associations involved in evangelism.

MUT SMILE has a total membership of about 7,000 comprising mission Organization, Institutions and Church Association.


Bereavement relief. Under this scheme, member organisations agree to contribute Rs. 10 each per month on behalf of SMILE members in their care. From this fund, MUT-SMILE will provide the bereaved family of a SMILE member Rs. 1,10,000 towards the benefit of the family. An additional Rs. 6,000 would be made from donor funds towards funeral expenses. The bereaved family will also be given Rs. 1,000 every year as a Christmas gift, and Rs. 1,000 at the beginning of the school year if there are eligible children.

Rest Houses. SMILE members will be able to make use of the MUT Rest Houses in Chennai, Vellore and Oddanchatram for stay for family vacation, medical treatment, transit, etc., for nominal charges.

Development programmes. SMILE members can participate in training programmes such as Inner Healing, Life Revision Seminars, Personality Development, Marriage Enhancement Seminar, etc. The MUT SMILE introduces of Rs. 10,000 (from support system) to the members who are affected by the following diesease- Cancer, Heart Problem and Kidney transplant

Administrative Committee

The SMILE Project is administered by a Committee consisting of regional representatives of MUT and member missions / organisations. This Committee selects the members after examining the applications and keeps the interface with the member missions / organisations. Members of this Committee for three years at a time and transfer their responsibilities to new members.

  • ☰ To provide Calamity Relief to the member / family of a member
  • ☰ To encourage the spirit of mutual concern and oneness
  • ☰ To provide a common platform to mobilize prayer support and comforting communications